Come the the Dance Hall cover

Come to the Dance Hall, Second Edition

by Carl Thor
© 2009, spiral bound, 100 pgs.

Product #: THR-01M
Price: $20.00

The full title of this book, Come to the Dance Hall: A collection of 107 melodies for Diverse Musical Instruments, Suitable for use in Country Dancing and Related Pastimes, pretty well says it all. Now in an expanded and revised second edition, with more than twice as many tunes as in the original edition, this book includes 40 reels and marches, 23 jigs, 27 waltzes (10 with harmony), and 17 others, including airs, hambos, schottisches, and two-steps, all written by Carl Thor.


Reels, Marches, Etc.Key
A Minor March Am
Androgyny A Dorian
Apropos of Nothing G
Big Sky A
Blue Moon in July D
Cloudburst D
Columbia River Fog Em
Confound It! G
Connie Martin's Am
Crossing the Cascades A
Done with Taxes A
Eggplants on Parade D
Flying Monkeys Dm
Fran's Remarks D
Garibaldi Bay Dm
The Graduate D
The Gristle of Time Em
Have You Found That Special Rock Yet? A
Īle de Batz A Dorian
Keith Moe's #50 Em
The Lewis & Clark Hornpipe A
Mossyrock G
The Men-an-Tol March G
On a Clear Day You Can See Mt. Hood D
Poison Oak D
President Barack Obama's Hornpipe D
The Railroad Reel Am/C
Right Hand Drive Em
The Roadhouse A
Second Tuesday Em/G
The Sidereal Shuffle G
A “Suttle” Change G/Em
A Tall Stool D
Terrebonne Depot D/A
Thoughts of Quebec G
Up Misery Ridge A
When It Rains D
Weird Weather Am
Whirligig Em
Wilderness Boutique D
Jigs Key
03-03-03 G
Bobble Cat Outside D
The Cat's Out of the Bag A
Christmas Morning G
Dark Matter Dm
Early to Rise G
Hank Laramee's #1 G
Hank Laramee's #2 G
Hats Off to Summer D
Loren's Jig D
Late, As Usual (The Moleskine Jig) G/Em
Late Breaking News G/Em
The Midnight Oil Em
“Moon” River G/D
The Moss Grows Thick Dm
Open and Shut D
Paddy's Trip to the Barbershop Am/C
Picking Stones G/Em
Point Yourself Homeward G/D
Rosebud D
Skatin' on Thin Ice Dm
That Jig A
Trip to Hawthorne Em
Waltzes Key
Another Minor Waltz Dm
Another Monday Morning Farewell D
Autumn Nights (w/ harmony) Am
A Day in June G
Cherries in Bloom (w/ harmony) Em
Ellesse Bm
The Embroidered Skirt (w/ harmony) Dm
Esperanza Am
The Friendship Waltz (w/ harmony) D
Fulton Memories A
Gentle Rain (w/ harmony) Dm
The House on Troy Street Dm
Lone Star Farewell G
Late April (w/ harmony) Em
The Long Ride Home (w/ harmony) G
Midnight Sun (w/ harmony) D
Mr. Bob's Farewell A
Remembering Lois G
Romany Daughter Em
Room to Waltz in Bonnie's Kitchen G
Sangiovese Em
Thanksgiving Day (w/ harmony) D-Bm
Treasures in the Attic G
Vals (with harmony) E Phrygian
Waltzing at Midnight C/Am
Western Trails D
White Clover G
The Others: Airs, Schottisches,
Two-steps, Etc.
Air: a Wizard's Dream (w/ harmony)Am
Ants in the Cat Food G/Em
Firth of Lorn A Mixolydian
Hambo #2 Dm
The Intrusion of Reality upon
the Constructs of the Mind
Humpin' to Please D
Lament for a Lost Friend Dm
Lord Emsworth Dm
Mr. Smooth Dm
Schottische fran Lindsborg Em
Schottische #4 G/D
Springtime Schottische G/D
Struttin' D
Thor's Hambo Em
Sundown: Lake Crescent G
Walkin' the Ties A Mixolydian
Well, Here's One More G

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