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Talisman: Phoenix

Talisman's third recording, but first CD, Phoenix, was recorded in 1996 at Mercy Studios in Lawrence Kansas. At that time, the band consisted of Carl Thor, Sara Martin, and Russ Kapp.
© 1996, 16 tracks / 60:56 total time

Product #: TAL-03D
Price: $15.00

Talisman weaves exquisite musical textures from even the simplest of traditional tunes and songs. Victory Review, writing of Talisman's 1996 CD release, Phoenix, said the band's “strength is in its imaginative arrangements.” Talisman can be soothing, even hypnotic. But they can also get a room full of dancers moving when they tackle a set of reels or jigs (as they do more often than not).

Phoenix, featuring hammered dulcimer and vocals by Carl Thor; flute, penny whistle and vocals by Sara Martin; and backed by the versatile guitar and voice of Russ Kapp, provides a surprising variety of sounds ranging from a 16th century French piece to traditional Celtic tunes and folk songs to a contemporary bossa beat. Although this album has aged gracefully, it will soon be out of print.

“The album's strength, I think, is in its imaginative arrangements and backups of vocals... quite solid, with a nice balance between strings and flutes.” -- Victory Review

Track List:

  1. The Rakes of Kildare / Tobin's Favorite / The Lilting Banshee (3:18)
  2. The Song of Wandering Aengus / Metsäkukkia (7:22)
  3. The Arran Boat Song (3:54)
  4. Sleep Soond I'da Mornin' (4:39)
  5. In the Mist © Sara Martin and Carl Thor (4:17)
  6. One Morning in May (2:01)
  7. Phoenix © Carl Thor (3:58)
  8. Spanoletta (4:39)
  9. Red Is the Rose (2:25)
  10. The Hills of Glenshee (3:30)
  11. The Mist Covered Mountains / The Crested Hen © Gilles Chabenat (6:37)
  12. My Love (2:49)
  13. Dublin Lady (2:56)
  14. Cedar Mountain Air © Russ Kapp (3:18)
  15. Jump at the Sun © John Kirkpatrick (3:11)
  16. Walk Into Your Future © Carl Thor (3:08)

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