The Village Dance cover

The Village Dance

Hank Laramee (1948-2006)
2006, spiral bound, 104 pgs.

Product #: LAR-01M
Price: $20.00

Hank Laramee was a man of diverse talents and enthusiasms, and he lived with creative gusto, a ready smile, a quick wit, and a genuine interest in others. This book provides a sampling of Hank's prodigious output of tunes since the late 1980's and showcases his broad musical influences and his love of New England folk dance traditions and of other cultures. Includes 107 reels, 44 jigs and 20 waltzes, “Approved for Contra Dancing!”


Reels & MarchesKey
Applegate D
Artemus the Watchcat A
Ashfield Mountain Em
Asparagus Patch Bm
Awaiting Morgan D
Bandol Dm
The Black Scoter Em
Bound for Open Seas G
Branches of Hawthorn Bm
Burnished Cauldron Em
Cackle Hill D
Camargue Am
Cape Perpetua Am
Cassis Em
Chocolatier's Hornpipe D
Cinnamon G
The Clement Master's Praise E
Cobblestone Road Dm
Cottonwood D
Cross Eyed Dog Em
Cross Wind G
Danse de Joix G
Deuxieme Petite Dejeuner A
Don't Be Jumpin' to No Conclusions Em
Do Ptake Some Ptarmigan Am
Down East Coast Em
Duluth G
Early to Rise A
Easy Day D
The End of Chester A
Fairhaven G
The Fairminded Essayist D
Fair Morning G
Fest Noz Gm
A la Fin du Jour D
First Morning D
First One Up E
First Snow Em
Five Euro Tip G
Flowering Bough Bm
Give and Take G
Golden Opportunity D
The Good Life D
Green River Reel Em
Heceta Head A
High Desert Reel D
Hog Hollow Farm Am
Idolores A Phrygian
Jack Be Nimble A
January Day A Dorian
Kamanjara G Dorian
Kittery Point Em
Level the Keys D
Long Shot G
The Long Way Around G
Lorient Dm
Maddy at the Dance D
Marara Gm
Margaux A
Missoula A
Mocha Dm
Nehalem Bay D
Never Been Better A
Nightwatch Dm
North Sister Reel D
Once Around the Block D
The Other Devil's Name A Phrygian
Penny Pot A
Perpignan Dm
Piney Grove A
The Potter's Apron A
Prairie Smoke D
Quail in the Orchard Dm
Quick Wit G
Rambunctious Dm
Reel Douai D
Reel de Prosperite A
Reel Rene A
Removing Trepidation A
Rosebay Em
Salt Fire D
Schnoozle A
A Shake of Pepper D
Simon's Farewell Dm
Snake in the Grass Dm
Stewart Street Em
Straight from the Horse's Mouth G
Strawberry March D
Sublime Generosity Em
Tarascon Dm
Train to Narbonne Dm
Tribulation Meets Its Match Dm
Trip to Foix G Dorian
Turnips and Garlic A
Unpeg the Basket Em
Voyage au Toulon Dm
Wanderlust Dm
Water Jug G
Westway D
When All Else Fails D/A
When Bears Go Wandering Am
William Penn Crossing the Schuylkill Am
Winningpost G
A Winter's Journey G Dorian
With the Wind at Our Backs D
Yaquina Head D Phrygian
Zucchini Uprising Em
Jigs Key
Aix Dm
All the Stars and Comets Am
Artful Brother Am
Berkshire Jig D
The Brindled Fool Em
Cast Off Jig A
Casual Acquaintance Am
Cluain Meala Am
Coming Down the Road A
Cowries & Leopard Shells Bm
Crunniu na mBad A
Eye of the Falcon Dm
Genna's Jig G
Grasmere A
Head Over Heels A
Jacque's Jig Bm
Jump the Gate A
Kingfisher G
Logs for the Fire G
A Matter of Taste G
Merrier in the Morning D
The Millet Pillow Bm
Mrs. Fisher's Mosaic G
New Moon Jig Dm
None of That Here E
Northern Road Em
Our House A
Palavas Gm
Pushedback Chairs D
Road to Utopia Em
Roseland Jig A
Round Trip D/Am
Sa Ghairdin D
Sapphire Am
The Soapmaker's Portrait Dm
Stone Soup G
Summerside D Dorian
Trasna na Pairce Bm
Turning Toward the Dawn Em
Unexpected Journey G
Unquenchable Fire Dm
The Windy Shore F#m
Winterberry Jig A Dorian
Zala Dm
Waltzes Key
Autumn Woods A
Berceuse pour Amber G
Candlelight Waltz G
Centennial Waltz G
La Coeur Joyeux D
The Dark Forest Bm
Delata Waltz D
Dust of the Eastern Road Dm
Favored Places D
Sahalie D
Schottische Portlandia Gm
September Hambo Dm
Shawn and Kathy's Waltz D
Starlight Waltz A
Stars Upon the Sea G Dorian
Twilight on the River A
Upon the Homeward Sea A
Wealth Without Gold G Dorian
Wellspring G
When First the Crocus Bloom G

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